Our initial communication and potential meeting are intended for you to learn about Metzler Home Builders and for us to learn about you and the modifications you would like to make to your home.

Preliminary Estimate

In this step, we provide you with a preliminary estimate for the home improvements you outline. This preliminary estimate may be given in our first consultation, initial meeting, or subsequent meeting. This preliminary estimate is intended to provide you with an approximate cost for your proposed modifications so you are able to determine whether to invest your energy and resources toward these improvements to your home. 


When you decide to proceed with the next step, we will provide a Pre-Construction Services Agreement which outlines the work that is required before the construction of your addition or renovation begins. The design of your addition or renovation is a significant focus of this step. If you have acquired designs from another source, we will come to an agreement around the other aspects of pre-construction.

Comprehensive Design

Below you’ll find an outline of our design process. These will be steps we’ll take together as we design your home addition or renovation, prior to the construction. This process is meant to be enjoyable and collaborative in nature. It may involve sketches, computer models, drawings and plans, and material samples; many different parts and ideas coming together to form the completed whole. This is the very thing that makes custom design so exciting and memorable. We create it together based on your specific situation, site, and needs. At the end of this process, you’ll have thoughtfully planned spaces and the shared experience of designing them.

Preliminary Drawings

A building survey will be completed to create a model of the existing space(s) of your home. This will provide the basis for the modifications to your home. Once the existing spaces have been modeled, a preliminary design concept will be developed based on the input provided during the prior steps of our process. This conceptual design incorporates scale, site analysis, and budgeting for your addition or renovation. The preliminary drawings provide conceptual layout, orientation, room adjacencies, and spatial flow. We typically meet to review the design and you will give feedback on your preferences and modifications.

Design Development

This step incorporates the feedback you provide into the process. We will meet to review the designs and make revisions to incorporate your preferences. Design enhancements will be added during this step and may include elevations or renderings to assist in visualization. We may continue meeting or correspond virtually to review concept revisions and develop the details of your design. Your input and collaboration during this step are vital in customizing the addition or renovation to your unique lifestyle.

Bid Drawings

Additional detail is added to the drawings to communicate how your project will be constructed and material schedules or specifications may be utilized during this step. You will also make material and finish selections for each space. The bid drawings are utilized to compile firm costs for your project.

Permit Drawings

Once your home improvement contract is signed and financing is secured, additional detail is added to the drawings for submission to the municipality. This may include a site plan, cross-sections, or building code details. Additional information required by the municipal code official is incorporated in this step.

Construction Drawings

Complete construction plans with municipal modifications, changes you request, or other modifications are integrated into the plans.


Our selection coordinators will guide you through the process of choosing materials and finishes. This process may involve meetings in our design center or we may connect you directly with our preferred vendors for the selection of specific items.


When your selections are complete and pricing is received from our trade partners, a home improvement contract that includes detailed specifications will be provided for your review. After the contract is signed, the financing stage begins. At the time of signing the contract, we will receive a deposit toward the cost of construction.


We have several preferred local lenders that we can recommend for the financing process. As an alternative to this process, some are able to provide private funds to finance the project. In either case, we agree to a draw schedule that defines milestones during construction when we would receive payments.


The last step before construction begins is the permitting phase. Building and zoning permits will be applied for and obtained. It’s possible that other permits and approvals may have been secured earlier in the process.

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