Many of us yearn to have a house that is more organized and less cluttered. But where should you start? As Desmond Tutu once wisely noted, “There is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.” That’s how you should organize and clean your home. Instead of getting overwhelmed with all the stuff, tackle it as bite-sized projects.

Welcome to “30 days to declutter.” Over the next 30 days, we challenge you to organize your home – one space at a time.

Day 1: Clean out seasonal décor (and donate).

Day 2: Clean out shoes from closets.

Day 3: Organize toys (and donate).

Day 4: Clean off kitchen countertops, removing small appliances and items you don’t regularly use.

Day 5: Clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

Day 6: Clean out half of your kitchen cabinets.

Day 7: Organize your home office / home-school area.

Day 8: Clean out your purse. 😮

Day 9: Organize the TV cabinet(s)/gaming station area(s).

Day 10: Deep clean the master bath/shower.

Day 11: Organize the master bathroom cabinets.

Day 12: Straighten the linen closet.

Day 13: Clean out the master bedroom closet (and donate any clothing you no longer wear).

Day 14: Organize your bureau (and donate).

Day 15: You are halfway there! Organize and clean out one more bedroom closet (and donate).

Day 16: Clean out kitchen drawers.

Day 17: Clean out the other half of your kitchen cabinets.

Day 18: Clean out your junk drawer(s) … we know you have two! 😆

Day 19: Organize your makeup drawer/bag and throw out old makeup.

Day 20: Tidy up the coat closet (and donate).

Day 21: Organize the pantry.

Day 22: Clean and organize one other area, such as the craft room or hobby spot.

Day 23: Organize and clean out one more bedroom closet (and donate).

Day 24: Straighten up the garage.

Day 25: Clean out your car(s).

Day 26: Go through bookcases and donate books.

Day 27: Remove the clutter from the other bathroom(s) in your home.

Day 28: Organize the mudroom/dropzone.

Day 29: Organize your cleaning supply area/closet.

Day 30: You are done! Take donations to a charity drop-off (and keep the clutter out of your home).