Here are five tips for maximizing space and keeping your pantry organized.

  1. Think Vertically. Add hooks and a shower caddy to the inside of your door to hang items. Hang oven mitts on the hooks, and store onions and potatoes in the caddy racks.
  2. Use Clear Bins. It’s much easier to stay organized when you can see items. Use one clear bin to hold packets, such as taco seasoning or gravy mixes, and others to keep snacks organized.
  3. Use Clear, Stackable Storage Containers. Transfer nuts, granola and other items into clear mason jars, and use stackable plastic bins to store flour, rice, breadcrumbs and cacao powder.
  4. Use Crates with Wheels. If your pantry has “dead space” between the floor and the lowest shelf, a wooden crate with wheels gains you some additional storage. This is the perfect solution for those “buy in bulk” items or your reusable grocery bags.
  5. Add a Lazy Susan. If the corner of your cupboard is a black hole, add a lazy Susan. Not only does it maximize this area, it also keeps all items visible and accessible.