Landscaping Ideas

You’ve chosen all of the details, down to the smallest ones, for your new custom build home. But what about the surroundings – the landscaping and curb appeal?

The grass, pathways, accents, and plants that surround your home are truly what can help set it off, complement the architecture, and make it an inviting oasis to come back to each day. Learn how to choose your landscape for your custom build home and make it happen.

Custom Home Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Yard

A truly beautiful landscape that works for you and your family’s needs will take cues from your house design, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic.

1. Pathways, Walkways, and Sidewalks

There’s probably already a sidewalk in place for pedestrian traffic near your home, but what about an inviting walkway leading to your front door or one that leads to the backyard? If you have separate buildings on the property, like a freestanding garage, storage shed, or guesthouse, you may consider adding walkways there, too.

Remember that in the winter, pathways around your house become indispensable when snow is on the ground.

2. Green Space

The amount of open green space you have on your landscape should consider your lifestyle. Do you have children who enjoy playing in the yard? Do you have pets that need a place to run and romp? Or maybe you enjoy hosting parties in your yard and playing lawn games.

Plan for the amount of open grass you need accordingly, and keep in mind amount of upkeep that a lawn requires for regular mowing, trimming, and occasional watering.

3. Plants and Trees

Plants and trees can take your landscape from boring to lush in an instant. If you don’t have a green thumb, though, be careful about the plants you choose for your exterior. They should be low-maintenance and sprout annually, so you won’t have to do any replanting. You may consider plants that are native to Central PA.

If enjoy gardening, you can definitely go big on plants, flowers, shrubs, vines, and anything else you desire. Just make sure the garden is manageable for the amount of time you’ll have to put into it.

4. Accents

Take your yard to the next level with accents like fencing, lighting, fountains, and sculpture. If you really want to wow visitors, you’ll include all four. Make sure the styles you choose blend well with the style and architecture of your home. For example, you may not want to choose a white picket fence with a kissing gate if your house is sleek and modern – unless that’s what you really want, of course.

5. Recreation and Play

Last but not least, don’t forget to choose fun elements for your custom home landscape. A small playground, set of swings, or a sandbox are great for keeping the kids occupied in the warmer months. If your family loves to eat in the open air, think about a patio or a deck. If you like growing things, consider vegetable plots with fencing to keep out critters. Finally, if you really want to create a fun yard, invest in a swimming pool for your custom build home.

Landscaping for a Home You Will Love

Whatever you end up choosing for your landscape, attention to detail will ensure you love it just as much as your custom house.