Home ownership is a great thing; with it, however, comes lots of responsibility. Often these responsibilities, such as regular maintenance of your home, can be overwhelming and un-exciting. Metzler Home Builders would like to help you by providing some tips and guidelines to follow this fall as you consider your home’s maintenance needs. We will post a series of these maintenance guidelines over the next few weeks. Here is the first one.

Check your Gutters and downspouts

fall leaves in guttersLeaves, sticks, and other debris can be a major nuisance to your gutters and downspouts. If clogged with these, rainwater can run off the roof missing your gutters and cause water to pond around your foundation during heavy rains. Take the time to inspect your gutters and clear the debris if needed. Also make sure that your downspouts are allowing the collected rainwater to drain away from the foundation of your home. If this is not the case, be sure to re-grade these areas so the water runs away from your home.